Getting older means learning to grapple with the effects of aging. Unfortunately, hearing loss is a common one. Although you can’t avoid the inevitable aging process, you can protect your ears from further damage by following these rules.

Avoid Loud Noises or Use Earplugs
This seems like a no brainer. But, loud noises aren’t always avoidable. So, if you’re working with loud machinery, or attending the Indy 500 put on some protective ear gear.

Turn Down the Volume
Rocking out to your favorite tunes is bad for your health when the volume level is too high for your eardrums. Same goes for your home theater and surround sound. Here’s a tip: if people have to shout over the noise to have a conversation then it’s too loud.

Quit Using Cotton Swabs to Clean Your Ears
Believe it or not, ears have a self-cleaning function. Q-tips and cotton swabs can severely damage the inner workings of your ears, so you should avoid putting them in there. Instead, try wiping your ears with a soft towel after exiting the shower, or seeking a medical professional for careful cleaning.

Visit Your Doctor
Routine visits to your primary care physician or hearing specialist will help keep your ears healthy. By conducting regular screenings, they can recognize signs of hearing loss and provide an appropriate course of action.

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